Launching of 2016 AW "Star Cloud" Collection

W.S.Studio LTD is holding AW16 LRTW press event at Park City GrandPlaza to release ‘Star,Cloud’ collection.

W.S.Studio continuing inject 'Sport + Couture' concept into AW16 'Star, Cloud' collection. Inspired from 70s and 80s, A-line, minimal design, use smooth material to define the silhouette into perfection.

W.S.Studio use Star, Cloud and other geometric shape, symmetrical & asymmetrical pattern bring us back to the childhood where simplicity define beauty. Color plate range from
cream, pink, light steel blue to dark slate grey, maroon and black. light to dark color contrast as if tell a story of a young girl on the process of growing to a confident woman while still remain playful in her heart.

The 2016 AW "Star Cloud" collection is available for pre-order from 03/05/2016. Order now on our website you can have 20% discount up front.


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