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2016 W.S.Studio @ Scoop and the city

2016 W.S.Studio @ Scoop and the city

Launch ‘shirt collection’ + SS17 ‘ Dream, Forest’ collection

London—July, 8 2016- UK based fashion brand ‘ W.S.Studio’ is going to participate at Scoop

trade show for the 3 rd time. for this time only, two scoop shows combined into one at new

venue- old billing gate . W.S.Studio’s SS17 collection along with New line ‘W.S.Studio shirt

collection’ will be highlighted during the show.

W.S.Studio also introduce a new line ‘ W.S.Studio shirt collection’ after receive huge

demand from SS16 season, the new line have two classic cut in silk material with various

pattern. We aim to introduce at least two design...

Launching of 2016 AW "Star Cloud" Collection

Launching of 2016 AW "Star Cloud" Collection

W.S.Studio LTD is holding AW16 LRTW press event at Park City GrandPlaza to release ‘Star,Cloud’ collection.

W.S.Studio continuing inject 'Sport + Couture' concept into AW16 'Star, Cloud' collection. Inspired from 70s and 80s, A-line, minimal design, use smooth material to define the silhouette into perfection.

W.S.Studio use Star, Cloud and other geometric shape, symmetrical & asymmetrical pattern bring us back to the childhood where simplicity define beauty. Color plate range from
cream, pink, light steel blue to dark slate grey, maroon and black. light to dark color contrast as if tell a...

W.S.STUDIO Trade show party in London

W.S.STUDIO Trade show party in London

Scoop London featuring W.S.STUDIO

After the last time positive response from the Scoop trade show, W.S.STUDIO comes back again strongly with brand new 2016 A/W collection.


Along with one of the most exciting London Fashion week, London Scoop show is becoming the most attractive trade show during this time. The show will be held from 21th-23th of Feb 2016 in Saatchi Gallery, therefore, all the fashion passionate please don’t wait, let’s go to Saatchi Gallery on King’s Road to have a new Fashion adventure.


-Picture from official website of Scoop London show.


The launching of second "Best For You" video Campaign

The launching of second "Best For You" video Campaign

W.S.STUDIO The  second video campaign of ''Best For You''. At the mean time you can  get into the 60s and 70s London punk culture with uprising London punk band Tommy&Mary.


 Please enjoy the video above

Tommy&Mary is an Indy / punk / rock duo who writes songs from a working...