The story behind this project:

W.S.STUDIO is very pleased to have this opportunity to celebrate the 18th birthday for Microsoft Icy software. The Icy software is an AI software for customer care program. Depends on the experience of customers shopping or social network preference, it will help the retailer and customers a better communication process, which makes Icy like a personal assistant and a friend through the online shopping experience. The concept of W.S.STUDIO's interdependence and penalization is matching with the Icy software. Therefore, in order to celebrate the 18th years of the software, W.S.STUDIO has this amazing opportunity to work on a special dress to celebrate the 18th birthday of Icy.  


The inspiration of this dress is thinking the Icy as 18th young beautiful girl, make her like your friend next door, with a really simple personality but still have his own opinion.  The image shows the idea with really simple shape but still with a really special embroidery flower on it. The martial using a structure fabric to make the dress a futurism look.